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How to prepare for anal sex!

Many of us who are first timers in anal sex don’t really know how to properly prepare for anal sex in order for it to be fully enjoyable by us and our partners. There are many ways to enjoy anal sex. The most common anal play include rimming which is the stimulation of the anus by using one’s tongue and penetration which is the insertion of sex toys or the penis.


It is crucial that we prepare properly for anal sex as for a lot of us know that the anus is full of bacteria and if we don’ prepare properly, it can not only be embarrassing to make a mess while being penetrated, but also mortifying for the top and the bottom. Who wants poo-poo when it comes to sex? Well those who are into scat, but we are not here to talk about that , we are here to get that buttonhole squeaky clean!


If you are new to anal sex and have never had any experience, I suggest going in the shower and try playing with your anus while taking a hot shower or bath. Insert your index finger in there and see where your comfort level is. Try to feel around and see if it is even pleasurable for you. Many men in my opinion love the idea of being penetrated (this is completely normal), but for some once they try it, seems it is not their cup of tea. So it is very important that you find out where your comfort level is before you go to the next step in preparing to play with some bigger toys or for someone to penetrate you anally.



There are 2 ways to prepare for anal play which I will be discussing each one and its benefits. Properly preparing not only includes doing an enema, but diet also plays a big factor in making sure that you don’t have an accident while having anal sex. For example, you wouldn’t want to be eating a burrito before having anal sex or have anything to eat right before you have deep anal play. These things are just to take into consideration because like I said earlier, who wants poo-poo during sex?? Certainly not I…. For example, If I know I will be on set shooting an adult film and I will be shooting with my partner who is obviously very well endowed, I wont have anything to eat at least 10 hours before the shoot. Just like if my doctor recommended not having a meal prior to surgery. But my trick for this is eating “gummy bears,” for these are absorbed by the body and quickly fills you up. Now if you have already eaten and you decide your horny and want someone to pound that ass… Well here is my suggestion.


Preparing for anal sex using a bulb anal douche:


You can get this at any sex store. They are very open minded in sex stores so If you have no idea what it looks like then just ask the clerk and they will be happy to help you. If you do not have a sex store available near you , just go to your local pharmacy and ask for an enema.


Step One:

Fill the bulb douche with warm water. (make sure it is warm and not hot! About 90 degrees is what I prefer.. Hell as long as it’s warm and not scorching your hands.) After filling the douche with water, screw the tip back on and apply lubrication on the tip of the nozzle. This will help insert the nozzle easier into your anus.


Step Two:

Get on all fours and try to have your head against the floor with your butt high up. this will help the water go deeper into your rectal cavity. Insert the nozzle all the way into your anus and try to squeeze your anus while the nozzle is inserted.




Step Three:

Squeeze the bulb and you will feel the water fill your inside. Try to squeeze the bulb all the way and while you are squeezing your anus, pull out the nozzle.


Step Four:

Keep the water in you for about 5 minutes or until you can not hold it in anymore. Then sit on the toilet and release.


Step Five:

Repeat steps one through four until the water coming out is the same color as it is going in.


This is just a quick cleaning of your bowels for some safe anal play. This type of cleaning is not for fisting or any deep anal penetration. If you are planning on doing some deep anal penetration I suggest taking the next steps in preparing.


For those of you anal queens like me, you can get a portable medical grade anal douche which holds about 1-2 gallons of water with a nozzle and water stopper. You can also get one from the sex store or online.  Its is the same steps as above, but this douche will just insert more water into your bowels for a deep cleansing. It is definitely a master cleanse and I only suggest this type of cleanse if you are an anal connoisseur.


Step One:

Fill the douche bag with warm water. It holds about one gallon or two. Make sure the stopper attached to the line that connects to the nozzle is pinched so the water will not gush all over the place. Place the douche high up, usually you can hang in on a towel bar in the bathroom next to the toilet.


Step Two:

Get on all fours and try to have your head against the floor with your butt high up. this will help the water go deeper into your rectal cavity. Insert the nozzle all the way into your anus and try to squeeze your anus while the nozzle is inserted. (Insert only the nozzle and not the tube that connects to the nozzle and the douche bag)



Step Three:

Release the water stopper and feel the water filling you up. You can count to about 7 seconds and then pinch the water stopper again and take out the nozzle. Try to hold the water in until you can no longer hold it and release in toilet bowl. **FLUSH**


Step Four:

After doing steps one through three for about 4 times, pause for about 30 minutes without any water in your bowels and just walk around the house or do some jumping jacks. This will help release some water deep inside your bowels. Remember this is some major anal cleaning you  are doing so you are cleaning the deep insides of your colon.


Step Five:

Once 30 minutes is over sit on the toilet again and try to release any left over water. Then repeat steps one through four until the water coming out is the same color as it is going in.


This cleansing is good for preparing for a hardcore anal scene, going out with a date at night and planning on taking them home and having anal sex or getting FISTED! That’s right! If done right you will thank me after. Make sure you follow the steps thoroughly and have fun!


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Dating and why it’s complicated: The problems of an insatiable slut

So I created this profile on an online dating site temporarily just to pass some time. Let’s be honest.. It is quite entertaining and I find it helpful in boosting my self-esteem by seeing how many guys reply to my profile and message me. Well temporarily boosts my self-esteem because sooner or later, I find all the guys that message me have one common denominator: SEX. Is it because I state on my profile that I am a transsexual? Or is it my main picture exposing my cleavage and looking up at the camera with my “come fuck me” look.

Don’t get me wrong.. I would love to be in a monogamous relationship. But how can I be in a monogamous relationship if all guys want is to have sex? When guys message me, it usually starts with,  “Hello, wow! You are beautiful! I am not gay, but I think you are hot!”

Or “Wow! Good job! You really fooled me! Have you had the surgery yet?”

Based on my experiences with men, the moment that I start opening up about my gender and being a transsexual, the energy towards me changes, the conversation instantly becomes sexual and oozes “let’s get it on!”

This would only be okay if once I did have sex with someone and it was followed with cuddling and laughs. But in most cases guys just want to hit it and quit it followed by a 2am text of, “What’s up, what are you doing?” on a Saturday night.  This gets really old after a while and it gets quite depressing.

I recently met a guy at the gym I go to everyday and we happened to exchange numbers. I opened up to him and said that I am transgender. Immediately he is inviting himself over to my place and I have not even known this guy for  more than two days. Do guys think that just because we were assigned male at birth that we may also think about sex 24 hours a day… think about SEX all the time? Well I know I do.. Maybe not 24 hours, but I think about sex a lot! Of course I did not invite him over, but I was tempted.

I really wish that SEX was a lot more meaningless to me and I can just have major orgies all day with random guys (and I have thought about it), but I am also a human being who longs compassion and affection.  Not only that being a big busty Trans woman complicate my love life, but also being an award winning anal whore.  I guess I can’t turn back time and un-fists my hole now can I? Guess not….

I have been in the adult industry for 3 years now and my last relationship, which was 2 years ago, resulted in my boyfriend at the time stealing all my LV purses. I am not going to go into detail, but I just want to find a good man. A good man, with a job, who is a dominant top with a big cock, tall, funny, smart, empathetic, and not a Tranny Chaser.


Maybe my standards are really high, but why shouldn’t it be?

Photo on 4-27-14 at 5_Fotor

Photo on 4-27-14 at 51_Fotor




Well guys here I am recollecting what has happened over the weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. I am sitting in PHL airport thinking to myself how blessed I am to be able to make a career out of porn. While I am typing this, my asshole is also throbbing from a hardcore pounding from Moster Cock Ramon yesterday afternoon. I shot a scene for a new series that Trans500 will be coming out with real soon, I can’t really go much into detail but it is something to really look forward to and I know it will be a big hit!  It features the IKillitts.com idea where Ramon just really pounds the living soul out of a girls bum and really focuses on Ramon’s silly, funny and rambunctious character. I feel really ashamed for Ramon told me after the scene that he has never met a girl with an asshole as loose as mine (although he said it in a flattering way), I really am not that loose. I just happen to know how to really open up the doors to my secret cave.(haha) What can I say? I have an award winning asshole.


So the weekend was very productive, I spent two days at the actual Exxxotica event promoting TSDREAMDATES.COM and Trans500.com. I practically almost sold all my dvd’s. My fans were super supportive and I never realized I have so many fans of different ages and gender. What surprised me most was that I had more female fans than male fans. This was really flattering and awesome at the same time. Or it may just be the fact that most women are more open and accepting of what they like sexually and really DGAF.

During the event I was able to meet some of my idols and icons in the industry. I met Tera Patrick through my best friend who is also in the industry and she was so friendly and cool. Tera is one of my idols since I was a teenager, I remember thinking I want to be just like her and be as glamorous as she is. I also met Nina Hartley who is truly legendary in the industry and Evan Stone who I used to jerk off to as a teenager. (LOL) It was really weird because here I am standing next to a guy I used to watch and masturbate to as a teenager.

One of the highlights of my trip was not only being able to meet some of my amazing fans but also being picked by my fans to be the winner of the Fanny’s “TS I Love U’ award at the fanny’s award event. I was so surprised I won and didn’t think so many people would actually vote for me. I am really thankful that I have such loving and supportive fans. I promise I will keep shoving huge things in my butt for your enjoyment.


This trip was really a blessing and there will be more to come this year. I will continue to work hard in this industry and continue to be grateful.







The Fannys

Hello everyone and good morning. As I am getting ready for my run I decided to write about another upcoming award, The Fannys 2014. Yes! This award is entirely up to you guys and is in your hands (vote for me here). It will take place on 4.12.2014 at the EXXXOTICA event in Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal hotel which I will be attending April 11th until April 13th. Now, not to toot my own horn or anything but if there was a horn I would probably shove it up my ass for your enjoyment. There I said it so you better vote for me because you know my ass will swallow you if you don’t! Love you!!!!













Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I feel happy that I am able to create my own blog space with my own domain, to be able to talk about my life, relationships and career. I apologize that I haven’t written on my previous blog for quite some time since I have had some really tough decisions I had to make in my business ventures. So that has taken me back a bit and kept me really busy.

I want to talk about what I have been up to as of lately. In a nut shell, I have been signed into an exclusive contract with TRANS500.com and we have been working non-stop on some really cool projects to come. One of which is TSDREAMDATES.com where you guys can sign up and win a date with me! I am really excited about this and the date will take place in June. You will just have to take care of the plane ticket to Miami, FL and my studio will take care of the rest. We will go out to a nice dinner and enjoy each others company for a night filled with laughs and intimate conversations.  You even have a chance to opt in to do a scene with me (in consideration that you will be able to preform).*smiles*





I have also worked on a solo scene for TRANSATPLAY.com which was released yesterday. The scene is one of my best solos scenes I have ever done. I was really planning on shooting a hardcore scene with another T-girl that day , but due to “technical” difficulties I ended up just shooting a solo set which was awesome. I ended up really tearing another hole into my ass-pussy and at one point, I even shoved 2 toys in my butt. HA! They don’t call it an award winning asshole for no reason =p. (sorry Asa you are not the only one)




I have been busy in my new home in Las Vegas, NV. I have been working a ton from home doing my web cam  modeling everyday. Everyday, unless of course I am shooting or traveling, I am on cam on SHEMALE.COM from 2pm PST until 6 pm PST. I am also blogging and writing an article for the next three months on the shemale.com magazine so don’t forget to check it out!

As you can see I have been super busy with my career and this year has really been awesome for me. I am so thankful for all of you and all of your support! I love all of you guys and make sure to sign up on TSDREAMDATES.com




Shoot with Ava Devine

Hello everyone and I just can’t wait to tell all of you about my shoot with Ava Devine even before the update on the website. I just can’t stop thinking about how dirty Ava was and how I just can’t stop thinking about the hot sex we had in Las Vegas. So I must tell all of you about it to get it out of my big gigantic chest. Our shoot was in a beautiful pink room in one of the suites in Las Vegas. Ava looked so hot for our shoot and I was so nervous since she is so legendary with her gaping hole and nastiness. But she made me feel very comfortable and was very nice. Our first scene went down by just straight up fucking! She started with giving me a blow job and getting my big fat cock hard in her mouth. I love the way she gives blow jobs, she loves to get my cock nice and wet. Then I started licking her pussy and it tasted so good. It reminded me of raspberries. After getting her nice and wet  we did 3 positions of which were missionary on the couch we were having sex in, doggie style, and pile driver. The first position was kind of difficult but it felt really good for both of us. It is really hard to have sex in high heels on a couch but I managed. After was the easiest position and the best view of Ms. Ava’s glorious asshole. While I was fucking her pussy I stuck my thumb in her ass and it was divine. The last position was the pile-driver position in which she was on her back on the floor with her ass propped up in the air by the couch with her legs on her shoulders exposing her asshole and pussy for me. I go over her and point my hard cock down to stuff her asshole. After a while of fucking her I couldn’t help but cum and luckily i was able to pull out and feed her every drop as she really wanted to eat all my cum. I can’t wait for the scene to update on my site but don’t you fret it is coming real soon!!!!!








TS Pussy Hunters 1 YEAR!

Hello everyone! Last month was the celebration of kink.com’s Ts Pussy Hunters site. I am honored to be a part of the celebration shoot which also stars Venus Lux, Jessica Fox and Maitresse Madelleine. The shoot starts off with all the kink directors getting arrested for obscenity and getting reprimanded for it. One of the directors is Maitresse Madelleine and is she in for a big surprise. Little doe she know that there are 3 beautiful TS women ready to have their way with her (of course one of the three includes myself). After the officials arrest Madelleine, they take her to a house somewhere in the Bay Area and there two of my beautiful SHE-MALE associates and I are waiting for her. Once she enters the door and sees us, she realizes that the arrest was just a plot to get her vulnerable enough to be under our custody and ready to be out filthy sub-whore. We start off with Jessica Fox and I being serviced orally by Venus Lux. When Maitresse arrives we just take her down and go in for lots of pussy and face slapping, spitting, double penetration, pussy fucking, feet worship and ass worship. This shoot is a must see and I am thankful to be a part of this fuck brawl to celebrate the one year of the successful site.



Kink.com shoot with Casey

Hello everyone! Last month I shot a very hot scene for kink.com in San Francisco. The shoot was very hot and steamy and it was my partners first time shooting with any TS girls. I am happy to have taken his virginity that day! =)

The plot of the scene was I am a damsel on a vacation in the woods. Casey, my partner, was to play a fireman patrol who seeks to warn all of the residents in the area that the wildfire warning is on high alert and we are to evacuate immediately. Obviously I was not happy with this so I use my charm and seductive persona to lure him into my cabin and have my way with him. It was pretty fun! It’s always fun to take someone’s virginity =). I am sure a lot of you would enjoy this shoot as much as I enjoyed fucking Casey’s hot hole! =)




Paris Part 2

Hello everyone! This is the second part of my trip to Paris. As I mention in the previous post, I had such a blast being on my mini vacation to Europe. It felt great to just get away and be detached from everything that I have in America. It was such a totally relaxing experience.

One of the best experiences I had in France was just taking a day to walk around, check out cafes, and take the train everywhere and to see where it takes me. I am such a spontaneous and free-spirited woman that I like to take risks that way. I do have to admit that I got lost a couple of times and the language barrier sucked, but it was still fairly easy to communicate with people since I have a cheat sheet with some of the french basics. It was like the time when I went to Colombia and I did not know how to communicate with anyone although I knew how to speak a little Spanish. But that is the point of traveling right? Being able to experience a culture and just be open to everything that comes your way. Well my idea of traveling that is. HahaNotre Dame


Gelato From a local Cafe

Me on the metro

Eiffel Tower
“Lover’s Bridge”

While I was in Paris, I stumbled upon the lover’s bridge and I decided to write my regular name “Kayla” with my Performer name “Eva” and made a pact to always have a bond with myself. Never forget where I came from and always remember who I really am.

Paris Trip part 1

Hello guys! I am back in Los Angeles, CA and had such an amazing trip to France. While in France I visited tons of tourist attractions as well as just walking around the town and get lost. As you all know this is one of my favorite things to do is to just experience a city by actually checking out the residential neighborhoods.

For the duration of my stay I was checked in at the Grand Trianon Hotel Palace in Versailles, France. The hotel was amazing and truly was a 5 star experience. Shortly after arriving I decided to walk the streets of Versailles. Witnessing that France truly is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I walked 3 miles from my hotel and stumbled upon a local church. When I entered the church I was really amazed at the designed or the glass work and the art. The sculptures were amazing and it was such an amazing feeling to be in such an old-town. After the church I kept walking around town and decided to check out the Palace of Versailles. I was blown away by how beautiful the gardens were and the interior of the Castle. The paintings were magnificent and so much history were to be told. I enjoyed the incredible sites of the different fountains and sculptures through out the chateau. It was like being in the story of “Alice and Wonderland,” except the only things missing are the Queen of hearts and her deck of cards. “Off with their heads!”

The Church I stumbled upon in Versailles “Saint-Antoine”


Palace gates

Inside the palace