Tranny Awards Now New York City

Hi Everyone!!! I won best Hardcore Performer 2011 and Best New Face 2011!! I would like to thank everyone who supported me at the Tranny Awards! Thank you so much! I wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for you, my fans! I am so grateful that I have all of you to be appreciative of all my hard work on screen. I am now in New York City! The Big Apple! I am so excited as it is my first time and I am having the time of my life. I will be making an appearance at the Tranny Strip Club here in NYC with Domino Presley who won the award for best Solo Model. It will be held on March 2nd and the details of the location will be updated here on my blog. I am so stoked with my stay here in New York City and I can not wait until I see my friends again. I will also be going to Cancun, Mexico in March after my trip here in NYC. Once again thank you so much for all your support and I love you all!

Eva Lin

T-girl Adventures Las Vegas Vol.2

Hello everyone! I am in Los Angeles again for the upcoming Tranny Awards in February 19, 2012. I am excited to attend as I am looking forward to meeting so many people in the industry. I have been working so much lately, but I have also been relaxing and pampering myself which is awesome! haha So If you guys remember I shot a ton of films in Las Vegas during the AVN awards week, and now one of the DVD’s is out ready for you to enjoy! It’s called T-girl Adventures Las Vegas Vol. 2 directed by Jon Sable. It was so fun shooting for him and he will be escorting me to the awards on the 19th. I am excited to see him again and we will have a blast at the awards and also the after party which is the day after the show. The after party will be held 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA. So come join the party!

My Trip to Bogota,Colombia

Hello everyone! Today is my last day here in Bogota, Colombia. I had such a great time during my 10 day stay here. I’ve made new friends, had great food and enjoyed the nightlife here. I am sad that I have to leave so soon, but I can’t let San Francisco,CA miss me too much. The highlight of my trip was definitely going out and enjoying the nighylife here and meeting some of the most elite people here in this city. The people here are so nice and sure know how to have a good time and let go. I also enjoyed going to Cerro de Monserrate. It is the church on top of the mountain in the city. The church has a statue of Senor Caido (fallen Christ) which is visited by many pilgrims everyday. The peak of the mountain also gave a magnificent view of the whole city. There were little handy craft shops and food stands by the church in which i enjoyed very much. I can’t wait to come back to this beautiful city. I love learning about different cultures and Colombia certainly has a very rich culture in which I am very thankful that I was able to experience.


Las Vegas Trip

Hello Everyone!! I am now back in San Francisco from my trip to Las Vegas. I can say that my trip was productive and lots of fun. I met so many new people and I ran into a lot of people I knew. I shot some new films with new directors who were totally awesome, met so many cool people and had some really wild experiences. I mostly hung out with my girlfriend/sister TS Foxxy. She is so awesome and real. Her and I certainly have very similar personalities and views in life. Love her! So now being back in San Francisco I miss Las Vegas already, but It is really nice to be back to my hometown. Now I made some vegan food and watching a documentary on Netflix with my Bailey. I am watching “Plastic Planet,” by Werner Boote and John Taylor. It is interesting how artificial and unnatural everything is in our lives. So we have to keep in mind that this Earth needs our help. So let’s try our best to make a difference, because a small difference on all our part can make a huge difference all together.

Eva Lin

Las Vegas Next Week

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while I have posted, it is because I am still in holiday mode.. I have been too relaxed here in San Francisco. San Francisco has been very good to me for the past month and next week I will be making a trip to Las Vegas, NV. I am shooting for Jon Sable and visiting my good friend Foxxy. We are thinking of going to shows and having some wild fun while I am there. As you all know it is going to be the AVN awards that week. I am not going, but I will be in town partying. Although on Febuary 19th I will be at the 4th annual Tranny Awards located in El Cid 4212 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. I am nominated for a number of awards in which you can vote! Vote for you favorite model today! I am also nominated for Kinkiest TS Domme on in which they are giving a separate award for. So vote today! Other than that I have a shoot for on the 17th of this month which I am excited about. I love shooting for, they are definitely my favourite.

French Cut Explained

So many of you have wondered why I have such an odd looking foreskin. Well ladies and gentlemen I was circumcised when I was 6 years old in The Philippines. It was my uncle who circumcised me and he happens to be one of the top OB-GYN and Urologist doctors in Manila, Philippines. I have had many unpleasant comments from viewers of my videos degrading my special and unique penis. =) So after much controversy with my penis in doing porn, I have wondered, why is there extra foreskin at the bottom of the head of my penis? This my friends is called a “French Cut” or “Dorsal-Slit.” It was commonly practiced in America a couple of generations ago and was referred to then as a “French Cut.” It was also practiced centuries ago by the Egyptians, but more commonly practiced til to this day in Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippine Islands. I have had people message me or ask me about my unusual foreskin and often shy away because it is no longer common here in America. The truth is the foreskin has so many nerve endings and so often most circumcised individuals have to use a lot of lubrication for masturbating, But with my extra foreskin, my penis is so sensitive I just have to rub on the tip like a clitoris and I can come in minutes! So for everyone who is reading this I hope that I can be of help in being informative about Dorsal-slits and French Cut penises. If any of you have ever been to Thailand or The Philippines and have been with the lady-boys there, you will see that I am not the only one who has a special circumcision. It is very common in Asia and the Pacific Islands. I have a link that goes more in depth in explaining this topic

Eva Lin