What turns me on and off?

So I have to be honest and talk about what turns me on and off. First off, I am only attracted to men. I know there are a lot of fantasies out there about transbian sex or lesbian sex, but I am afraid to say that MEN are the only ones that turn me on. And not only that men turn me on, but really masculine dominant men turn me on. I love being a submissive little slut for my man.

i am the epitome of the ultimate feminine cliche transsexual who only likes to be submissive with her partner. I love to please my man and don’t get me wrong I also like to be pleasured orally, but the ultimate pleasure for me is getting my partner to climax or orgasm.

What pleasures me most when I am on the receiving end of oral sex is getting my fat T-girl clitty licked and sucked on gently like you would a genetic girl. I love spreading my legs and having my mans sweet face between and going to town on my love spot with his tongue. I also love getting fucked with a big juicy tongue in my sweet, tight t-girl hole.

While I am writing this I am getting so sexually aroused while this person next to me in the first class cabin is taking a nap. Just talking about getting pleasured down there in my soft spot with my legs up in the air and caressing my giant breasts gets me so hot and bothered.

I wish I can be more of the fantasy girl that most people I encounter look for, a dominant and aggressive (TOP) girl. But I would be lying if I said that’s what tickles my fancy. Nothing turns me off more that seeing a masculine guy bending over in front of me telling me to fuck him like a Nancy.

I love being a dirty, submissive little whore or I can just be your little t-girl secret that you visit once in a while when you feel you need to unload into my tight and wet t-girl hole. I always fantasize about a man just having his way with me and making my tight hole bleed with his giant cock. And then seeing his face as he climaxes with pleasure while breeding my sweet tranny hole.



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  1. I think You know you get me all hot and bothered Eva…If my cock wasn’t big enough for you I would just slip a dildo in along with it.

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