Dating and why it’s complicated: The problems of an insatiable slut

So I created this profile on an online dating site temporarily just to pass some time. Let’s be honest.. It is quite entertaining and I find it helpful in boosting my self-esteem by seeing how many guys reply to my profile and message me. Well temporarily boosts my self-esteem because sooner or later, I find all the guys that message me have one common denominator: SEX. Is it because I state on my profile that I am a transsexual? Or is it my main picture exposing my cleavage and looking up at the camera with my “come fuck me” look.

Don’t get me wrong.. I would love to be in a monogamous relationship. But how can I be in a monogamous relationship if all guys want is to have sex? When guys message me, it usually starts with,  “Hello, wow! You are beautiful! I am not gay, but I think you are hot!”

Or “Wow! Good job! You really fooled me! Have you had the surgery yet?”

Based on my experiences with men, the moment that I start opening up about my gender and being a transsexual, the energy towards me changes, the conversation instantly becomes sexual and oozes “let’s get it on!”

This would only be okay if once I did have sex with someone and it was followed with cuddling and laughs. But in most cases guys just want to hit it and quit it followed by a 2am text of, “What’s up, what are you doing?” on a Saturday night.  This gets really old after a while and it gets quite depressing.

I recently met a guy at the gym I go to everyday and we happened to exchange numbers. I opened up to him and said that I am transgender. Immediately he is inviting himself over to my place and I have not even known this guy for  more than two days. Do guys think that just because we were assigned male at birth that we may also think about sex 24 hours a day… think about SEX all the time? Well I know I do.. Maybe not 24 hours, but I think about sex a lot! Of course I did not invite him over, but I was tempted.

I really wish that SEX was a lot more meaningless to me and I can just have major orgies all day with random guys (and I have thought about it), but I am also a human being who longs compassion and affection.  Not only that being a big busty Trans woman complicate my love life, but also being an award winning anal whore.  I guess I can’t turn back time and un-fists my hole now can I? Guess not….

I have been in the adult industry for 3 years now and my last relationship, which was 2 years ago, resulted in my boyfriend at the time stealing all my LV purses. I am not going to go into detail, but I just want to find a good man. A good man, with a job, who is a dominant top with a big cock, tall, funny, smart, empathetic, and not a Tranny Chaser.


Maybe my standards are really high, but why shouldn’t it be?

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8 thoughts on “Dating and why it’s complicated: The problems of an insatiable slut”

  1. Men are pigs to women and even more so to TG~women. They do think that it’s ok to just look for sex, some are banking on low self esteem or maybe just think TG ladies have higher sex drives but usually they DON’T have honest intentions of meaningful relationships and it really sucks for those of us guys who are looking for real relationships, but that’s life unfortunately

  2. I tried this already but may have messed it up when posting with WordPress. Please disregard this if I am wrong. I feel that Sex, is God given therefore good. There is no greater satisfaction than the completion of the Sex Act than with one you experience True Love with. I believe that all people desire one who will provide Love, Care and Support to include cuddling or just holding. I think we all wish to give it to are Mate as well. With my Lady who has passed for several years ago I feel fortunate to have had that in my life and am grateful every day for it. At 58 years old haven’t given up on getting it again. With Eva’s Beauty and Compassion it will happen to you and at exactly the right time in your life too.

  3. I’m friends with/have talked with a number of trans women and they often say the same thing. Men mostly see trans women as sex objects, to the point where just talking with guys is hard because they suspect their motives are getting their dick wet.

    I’m not sure the reason a lot of guys only want sex with trans. Some think it’s because they are ashamed of their like of trans women and they don’t want to date for fear of judgement by friends/family. Which I think is silly because once you get to know someone you really don’t give a fuck what other people think as long as that person makes you happy.

    I think it’s a problem a lot of women encounter and it’s just worse for trans women. There’s a few barriers that guys often don’t look past to see the person. Trans/Woman/Porn Star/Beautiful. All of those 4 things men look at on the surface and just think with their penis.

    Having said that I’ve seen and heard of lots of successful love stories and it’s not like you are not a special lady with a lot to offer. You are very beautiful and from the interviews and writings I’ve read; an intelligent and cool person. So while it might be a little difficult or take a little time, you’re going to find someone who deserves you.

  4. You probably won’t find what you are looking for by posting provocative photos on those kind of websites, as it is just going to attract people that are just after one thing (sex).

    There’s a lot of good guys out there, but you probably haven’t even noticed, as they don’t tick every single one of your boxes.

    Every one longs to find their true soul mate, some will find them, some won’t. Though I sincerely hope you do, as the more I learn about you the more I see what a wonderful person you are.

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