Me and Christian Reunited

My Latest update for my site is so sizzling hot with the hunk Christian XXX. Working with Christian is such a pleasure since I am a big fan of Giant cock and all american texan meat! Christian is my ideal type of guy. Successful, tall, handsome and super masculine. He sure knows how to top and as everyone knows I am the biggest submissive bottom there is. Don’t let those kink videos fool you huney because theres nothing more pleasurable to me than getting pounded by a gigantic beautiful cock! mmmm. Anyways, our scene starts of as myself walking in for a massage appointment and Christian being my masseuse. Ofcourse I get undressed and my massage turns out to something more that just a rub down. Whisch is fine by me! haha Love working with Christian and I look forward to working with him some more in the future. Keep you guys posted on more fun here at! Love you all Kisses!

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry that I haven’t been updating my site, but now it’s time to be serious about updating my site.. I am going to have more movies to come. =) there will be more interesting sexcapades for you to see. My most recent update is shot by Jay Sin. I play with my self with a penis pump and I also shove a butt plug in my butt. It was the first time I ever used a penis pump and it was very interesting. Haha I never thought I would ever use one in my life. I pump by cock, my butt hole and my nipples. It sure is a sight you all must see!